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Michele stars with Drew Connick, Sean Bridgers, Kelly McGillis and Kenny Johnson. A mysterious young man, called Blue after the color of his skin, leaves his isolated mountain home and enters a small Appalachian town. Distrusted and feared by the townspeople he encounters, he meets a kind-hearted young woman (Michele Martin) dealing with her own dark family secrets who sees beyond his skin into the deep and gentle soul underneath.


Michele stars with Michael Steger and Julian Sands. A young man is hired as an assistant to a dominant young woman with modern ideas on the male-female relationship who teaches and molds him into the kind of man he never knew he wanted to be.


Small town darling Jennie Lee "Baby" Magee is goin' on her twenty-first year and gettin' hitched in two days! Jennie Lee and her Momma go to pick out the perfect dress, but her special day is threatened when the store is held up by two bumbling bandits, her fiancé falls in love with her wedding planner, and she finds out she's really a Mexican. It's a hilariously heartfelt comedy about a girl who finds out her perfect life is a lie and ultimately learns a big lesson... that everyone in town--including her--is different.


A Doll's House

Michele plays Nora in this modern interpretation of the classic play about a wife lying to cover up her misguided financial dealings, made to save her husband's life. In the context of today's economic downturn, Ibsen's timeless tale about deceit, the secrets we keep and how those secrets reveal our true character, takes on heightened urgency, revealing the lengths that ordinary people will go to protect what they own and what they love.

Fathom Five

Michele is playing Miranda in this post-apocalyptic steampunk sci-fi adventure. A starship returning from a distant system is boarded by a powerful holographic computer virus and destroyed, leaving its crew and passengers stranded on a mysterious deserted planet where an exiled madman is determined to exact his revenge.

Reaper's Shadow

Michele is cast as Celeste Baker. In 2034 the UK had split leaving a post apocalyptic England alone in the world. Surviving is the hardest thing you'll do in this Unsceptred Isle, unless you're trying to die, that gets harder. After eighteen years Jon Maitland returns to Launceston in the hope of finding that death.

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